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Remigio Herrera, also known under his Yoruba-name Adeshina (“the crown opens up the way”) and his Odu Ifa Obara Meji, was one of the famous Cuban babalawo in the 19th century. His skills on divination made him a man of honour even in the colonial society, up to the fact that he had a photo taken at old age in 1890. This was an event very rare, photography was a luxury only few people could afford. And here you see a proud former African slave, portrayed in what was a fashionable and honourable colonial outfit.    

He is portrayed in a Che-Guevara-like style, as a true Afrocuban cultural heroe. With his formal outfit it suited more to a classical bust design, with his Odu Ifa as accompanying emblem on the sides. "Iba re" or short "Iba’e" means "I pay homage to you" and is a salute every olorisha gives to his ancestors once in a while. This is the image for all the Babalawo standing in Cuban tradition to honour their ancestor in Ifa! Iba’e Adeshina Obara Meji! A dupe ooo!

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