edan, ogboni edan, oshun, ochun, yoruba, orisha, oricha, orixa, santeria, candomble, irunmole, oro

The Ogboni and Oshun worshippers share this symbol and sacred tool called Edan. Oshun is believed to be one of the founders of the Ogboni society and their cults are closely related. In the Edan-symbol two brass staffs, one male and one female, are linked to each other with a short chain. This emblem can be worn around the neck and is used in rituals. The brass staff protects its owner with the power of the earth, Yoruba “ile”, against evil forces. The Edan are an important symbol of law and social order, as the Ogboni society was responsible for justice in the community. Spiral spining circles on the top signify the spin of the small snail shell, “okoto”, related to the power of Eshu and his endless dynamism. Visible genitals show the aspects of the two united powers, male and female. The duality or twoness of the world's reality, Yoruba "ejiwapo", is considered sacred and associated with balance. Many Edan Ogboni are thus being made for healing purposes.

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