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When Samuel Ajayi Crowther translated the bible into Yoruba-language around 1840 he used the word “Eshu” for naming the Christian idea of “Satan”. He did not use any other Orisha-names, Jesus was not called Obatala and Virgin Mary did not become Yemoja. But of course he literally satanized Eshu with his translation and set the standards for all the following dictionaries. 

We know Eshu is not easy to manage, but he is not equal to what is known in the Western world as Satan. So in 2015 there started a movement by traditionalists in Nigeria called “Eshu is not Satan”. Even Google-Translate changed the translation of Eshu into English - now Eshu is Eshu and Satan is Satan again.  

This T-shirt image is supporting the movement. Olorisha in Nigeria are often said to be worshippers of the devil. In the diaspora there is not much talk about this, but in Nigeria, where people are reading the bible in Yoruba-language and Satan is called Eshu, it is a very different situation.

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