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The Yoruba-people call themselves in their native language "Omo Oduduwa", literally child of Oduduwa. The word "Yoruba" itself has its roots in the Hausa language. It was adopted by the English colonists to define the ethnic group of the Hausa’s southern neighbors in Nigeria. It has become today’s modern term for the cultural identity of all the "Omo Oduduwa".

Oduduwa was the first king of the Yoruba. His offsprings founded the 16 different kingdoms, whose "Oba", kings,   wear the famous beaded crowns up to today. This logo-like image shows an ancient bronze-sculpture of Oduduwa with facial markings. A huge conrete copy of it can be found in the center of the city of Ile-Ife in Nigeria today. Wearing Oduduwaprinted on a T-shirt makes it clear that you are part of the worldwide Yoruba-culture!

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