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Shango’s double-axe in his colors red and white as a simple abstract symbol for all the Onishango and Shango-lovers out there! The shirt makes it very visible whom you are following. 

Shango was the fourth king of Oyo. He hanged himself at Koso after having killed  family members at his palace, depending on the story either by his rage or struck by lightening. However, he was responsible for it. After his death he turned into an Orisha, which caused his devotees to say "Oba ko so", which means "the king did not hang". As Orisha he is still present and can be consulted by his devotees.  His staff visualizes his power, an unpredictable and sometimes violent instrument  pronouncing judgement. The hot red color is said to be cooled down by the use of white, attributed to Obatala. 


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