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This drawing is made after the Oshun statue located at the "Ojubo Oshun", the central shrine, directly at the Oshun river at the UNESCO world heritage site of the Sacred Grove in Oshogbo, Nigeria. This is the original spot where the founders of the city first encountered the Orisha. You can read the full story as told by Susanne Wenger in the blog. It is the main place of Oshun worship worldwide and known for the annual festival, which attracts thousands of people. "Ore yeye ooo" is the traditional greeting for her in Yoruba-language. The statue originally was made by Yoruba-artist Shaka and Susanne Wenger.

The profit made by selling this Oshun T-shirt, which is ten dollars or euros for one piece, will be donated to the Susanne Wenger Foundation. It will be used to maintain the Sacred Oshun Grove in Osogbo, Nigeria, and the heritage of the artist Adunni Olorisa. 


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