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"Ashe" is a very central word and concept for Orisha-worship. On the one hand it is used often at the end of prayers. It means "may our prayers become reality, may we receive the blessing by the Orisha, short: may it manifest!" 

On the other hand "Ashe" more generally also stands for the eternal energy that fills the cosmos. It is the abstract power and principle of Olodumare, God. Calling for "Ashe" is calling for what lies beyond our human reality, that God’s will manifests on earth, where we live at the moment, and that we can experience Olodumare’s power. 

It is written in the four main languages of Orisha-worship worldwide, from Nigeria to the diaspora of slavery and from there to the rest of the world: Yoruba, Spanish/Lukumi, Portuguese/Nago and English.

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