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Basic daily communication with Orisha is traditionally done in a small divination ceremony using obi, Yoruba for kolanuts. As they did not exist in Cuba the enslaved Olorisha used the inner parts of coconuts instead, which have a black and a white face, split into four pieces. They are stil called obi in Cuba, although the correct Yoruba term for coconut would be agbon. Reformists call it Obi Agbon today. In Nigeria divination can be done with coconuts (e.g. for the Orisha Egbe) and many other plants or animals, like sugarcane, snails, etc. It is not a Cuban "invento" as it already had its roots in Nigerian traditions.

On the image you see the most positive sign, called "eyife" or "ejife" in Cuba. Two positive sides and two negative sides tell about the world being in harmony. It is a very stable answer that means basically “si, esta seguro, too bien”.  

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