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The Yoruba worship an Orisha of twins called Ibeji, literally this means "birth of two". Taiwo and Kehinde are two traditional names given to twins only. Taiwo means "the one who tastes the world" and Kehinde is "the one who arrives behind". 

It is the other way round then in western culture: the first born is known as the younger ones of the twins, because the elder sibling sends her/him out first – to see what’s going on out there, and then follows. Also in a procession in Yoruba-land the people of higer rank considered more important would walk at the end. So that’s the reason for the names and why one is considered being the elder one. 

We offer two images from traditional "Ere Ibeji", carved twin-statues, in cowryshell-adornment. For all the twins out there! Are you Taiwo or Kehinde? 

Order "Ibeji Kehinde" (and maybe "Ibeji Taiwo") at the shop close to you!