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Orisha Ayan is spelled differently in Cuba than in Nigeria, it is written Aña. Ayan is the Orisha of drums, especially the bata-drums, and also the name of a tree used for constructing the talking-drum shells. Shango hanged himself on this tree. Ayan thus is "the wood that talks". "Omo Ayan" are the children of Ayan, the initiated drummers belonging to an Ayan-lineage. 

These drummers play a key-part in all Yoruba-rituals and even can enter sacred places that would be taboo for others, as their musical service is essential in Orisha-worship. This is the T-shirt for the bata-drummers out there, with a drawing of a traditional Cuban fundamento set with iron rings attached. There is also another version of this image available, just with the drums.


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